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As the government works through the process of legalizing the production and consumption of Cannabis in Canada, new companies are racing forward to start production. Along with the logistics of setting up the facility, producers are going to be faced with government mandated product tracking. Traceability, which is the ability to track the raw materials (one step back) and the production, sale and distribution to customers (one step forward) is a requirement for licencing.

TraceAll is uniquely suited for these tasks. Not only has TraceAll been tracking production of all types of products both in Canada and elsewhere in the world for the last ten years, but it has the ability to simplify the tracking of production.  Competitive software forces the company to use expensive RFID tags or barcodes on each individual plant. While TraceAll can also track production this way, it also can track “Batches” of plants via unique lot numbers as they progress through the growing process. All raw materials are captured via barcodes ensuring accuracy and efficient data collection throughout the production cycle.  Fertilizer, Carbon Dioxide, and other “treatments” can be added to the process as they are used, capturing all important information including the user applying the treatment.

All raw material, supplier, production, packaging, shipment and customer information has complete traceability and reporting capabilities. Mock recalls based on incoming raw materials, production, shipments, etc. can be completed in minutes.

Ready for more? Production of Cannabis is just the first step! As legislation is introduced, Cannabis based food products is another market that will be embraced. TraceAll can track and trace all food based production without and modifications or increased costs. The same software solution can track the plant from seed/cutting all the way to final packaging and distribution of edible products.

TraceAll is a simple yet powerful solution that will satisfy traceability requirements cost effectively while delivering many additional benefits.


See how TraceAll is used to trace all aspects of Cannabis production:

Case Study: Cannabis Production


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