Benefits of Traceability for Food Processors


Food processors need to be able to rapidly identify the origin and movement of product within their facilities. Implementing a traceability system not only enables you to identify the movement of product forward and backward but creates many side benefits.

  • Verification that only the correct raw materials and amounts are used
  • Consistent labeling throughout the process
  • Inventory management of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished product
  • Prevention of product from being used if currently On Hold
  • Ensures every employee follows the same procedures
  • Respond quickly to food safety investigations, recalls and withdrawals
  • Minimize the scope of a recall by knowing exactly what is in your product

Steps we take to assist you in Implementing a Traceability System


  • Ask you lots of questions to understand your process
  • Create a diagram of your process flow (identify all activities in the process and the inputs and outputs)
  • Identify your current Traceability Protocol ( ie, what is currently being recorded at each input and output )
  • Determine what information is available that is not currently being recorded 
  • Demonstrate how our product will give you traceability from raw material to customer shipments

   The team at Damselfly Solutions Inc. has extensive experience in developing computer based solutions to real world manufacturing problems. We have developed complete traceability systems for small to very large manufacturing companies tracking raw materials, semi-finished and finished products from receiving through to customer shipments . TraceAll is the results of years of experience. It has been developed and created to be cost effective, easy to use and accurate.


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