TraceAll Lite with Lease Manager Module


The "Lease Manager" add-on module adds the ability to lease products to customers. In addition to the standard TraceAll lite features, this add-on allows customers to lease products. Items leased are tracked and returned to inventory when the lease is complete. Traceability includes the manufacturing process and the various lease(s) that have been completed. TraceAll Lite is the version specifically developed for small to medium sized companies requiring a track and trace solution. Primarily implemented in food processing facilities, it is also well suited to many non-food manufacturing processes. Cost effective, easy to setup and quick to learn, TraceAll Lite makes traceability a major benefit of organizing and controlling your production environment.

TraceAll Lite Features


Lease Manager Add-on Features


  • Customer orders allow lease setup specific information,  (start date, term, etc.)
  • Product return to inventory at the end of the lease
  • Multiple lease cycles for products supported
  • Product returns status (Scrap, Normal quality, etc.)
  • Custom leasing information reports

TraceaAll technology supports:



  • Data Capture via scanners
  • Interface to scales for accurate ingredient weights
  • Supported on Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Built-in IntelliSense Filtering and sorting of displayed data
  • Archiving
  • Parameter Setting for turning features on/off
  • Data export (xls,pdf,word)
  • Online Help
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Multi-client interface



  • Automatic data capture that is user customizable (direct machine interface)
  • Print and apply labeling
  • Electronic data transfer to customer

You can positively identify products if a safety recall should occur, saving you time and money. The promptness of identifying products is paramount in these situations. Our aim is to enable you to know the life cycle of any ingredient and the origins of any finished product leaving your facility at the click of a button.    

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